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May Stats - 19702 Pageviews from 8273 unique visitors. Valentines DayTHE BEST EVER!!Valentines Day

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Site of the Month is Wairere Falls Farm Cottage and they receive a free direct click through and feature image from to their website.

Link building and a natural backlink profile... working together.


The importance of link building

Google’s regular updates highlight the importance of a natural backlink profile and do indicate that it is still possible to actively build links and still retain a natural backlink profile.

Genuine link building is more important than ever

The significance of link building hasn't decreased with Google updates. In fact, link building has become more important than before. The difference is that link spamming doesn't work anymore.
Firing your link off to thousands of sites and fully automated backlink networks have lost their power. Given the reality that these links never were useful to real Internet users, it's astonishing that Google didn’t devalue their types of links until about a year ago.

It should come as no surprise to learn that link building is not about manipulating search rankings.

If links are built correctly, then higher search engine rankings are a natural consequence, as the main objective of link building and Search Engine Optimisation is to get targeted visitors to your website.

Backlinks can help you with the following:

1.  backlinks can increase the search engine rankings of your website

2.  backlinks can help you to get targeted visitors to your website

3.  backlinks can help your company’s reputation

If you focus your link building activities on 2 and 3 then 1 will come naturally.

Link building can lead to a natural backlink profile

Don’t ever confuse link building with link spamming.  Link spamming will lead to an unnatural backlink profile.  Search Engine Optimisation is not spamming and shouldn’t be confused with people who use the term ‘SEO’ to sell their spamming products.

The key to a natural backlink profile is a simple question: "Could the backlink exist without asking for it?" Many people just don't link to your site because they don't know it or because they don't have the time to research links about a topic.

So why not help these people who would naturally link to your site by informing them about linkworthy content on your site that is related to their site. Asking the right people for the right reason often leads to much better results than random link spamming.
For the foreseeable future, good backlinks are set to remain the most important factor in Google's ranking algorithms, so set about finding good websites that could link to your site, open a dialogue and illustrate the benefits of linking to your website.

Fact: Good backlinks are vital if you want to get high search engine rankings. If your website doesn’t have the right backlinks then it will be very difficult to get high rankings.  Links from reputable websites to your site literally tells Google that your site matters - this is the Internet's "word of mouth"!

Fact: Google is #1 search engine in the world because of it's ranking algorithm: and more than 65% depends on linking.  See graph below ...

Components of Google's Ranking Algorithm

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